Anchovies : a special factory in South Africa

Anthozoans : sea anemones, corals and other animals resembling to flowers

Aquarium turtles : from prehistory to the drawing-room

Australian pelicans : birth of a spectacled pelican

Australian penguins : In Australia, every night, they go on parade

Butterflies greenhouses: tourists walking among exotic moths

Cacajao : odd Amazonian monkey with a red face

Carnivorous marsupials: similar to dogs, cats or mice

Duck billed Platypus: muzzle of a duck, milk, poisonous spur

Fresh water home aquarium : animals and plants

Golden hamster: hamsters do not exist in nature

Goldfish : mating and reproduction

Iguanas, agames and chameleons : oddities of the saurians

Kangaroos: as tall as a rabbit ... or as a man

Koala : it gets out from the pouch ... and kisses mum

Macaws : giant parrots, long even one metre

Marsupials : they wait for their second birth in mum’s pouch

Melbourne zoo aviary : tourists in cage with the birds

Oceanographic Museum: the famous aquarium of Monaco

Ostrich: in nature, and in South African breeding farms

Parrots: some natives do call them "the flowers with wings"

Seychelles giant turtles: Dipsochelys elephantina

Shells: mathematical formulas for the look and the drawings

Spheniscus demersus : the penguins living in warm climate

White lions : discovered in South Africa. They are not albinos

Wombats : Australian marsupials, big size diggers

ZONE VARIOUS ARTICLES - Old Havana. World heritage site

ZONE VARIOUS ARTICLES - Platinum mines in South Africa