Cortinarius rufoolivaceus

Text © Bruno Gasparini



English translation by Mario Beltramini



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Red, vinous cap, unpleasant smell, bitterish taste © Giuseppe Mazza

Family: Cortinariaceae

Genus: Cortinarius

Subgenus: Calochroi

Section : Fulvi

Cortinarius rufoolivaceus (Persoon) Fries 1838

Immediately recognised on the field by the winy-red colour of the cap and olivaceous of the gills, which cannot escape the attention of any collector.

Cap : 5-10(12) cm, convex, then planar, occasionally also depressed. Cuticle very viscous-glutinous, smooth with membranous debris of a winy-coloured veil, carmine pink or wine red, paler toward the margin, sometimes greenish particularly in the variety pallidus .

Gills : dense, fragile, slightly serrate, annexed-seceding, pale olive.

Stalk : sometimes hefty, sometimes slimmer, up to 12 cm in length, 15 mm wide, cylindrical, pale greenish-reddish, bulbous, bulb onion-shaped, emarginated by a wine-red veil.

Contest : firm, pale in the sap, greenish in the stalk, reddish-lilac in the bulb.Odour rather unpleasant. Taste bitterish.

Habitat: under broadleaf particularly in warm climate (Oaks, olm-oaks, horn-beam)

Chemical reactions : On the cap KOH (or NaOH) immediately green, then slowly red.

Spore : lemonshaped, grossly verrucose 10-13 x 6-7,5

Notes : This attractive Phlegmacium in section Fulvi .M.M. Moser 1975 possesses a neutral monoanthraquinone (phiscion), some dimeric anthraquinones, naphthoquinones of heptaketidic origin, plus phlegmacins and rufoolivacine of octaketidic origin. Anthraquinones are potentially toxic or carcinogenic

Taxonomically speaking, Fulvi are affine to Calochroi , which tests made with suggest to be a self-standing subgenus of Cortinarius .

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The spores © Bruno Gasparini

It is a group of vivaciously coloured Cortinarius , yellow red, blue, green, vinaceous, etc.

Synonyms :

Cortinarius decoratus Bataille.

Cortinarius orichalceus var. russus Quél. p.p.

Hydrophorus rufolividus Battara.

Agaricus Cortinaria rufoolivaceus Alb. & Schwein.

Cortinarius rufoolivaceus var. decoratus Bataille.

Cortinarius russus ss. Quélet, sec. Konrad & Maublanc.

Cortinarius testaceus Cooke 1883

Cortinarius vinosus Cooke 1883


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