Dendrobium khanhoaense

Family : Orchidaceae

Text © Pietro Puccio


English translation by Mario Beltramini


The species is native to Vietnam where it grows in the evergreen forests at the margins of the waterfall in the upper Lieng Ly River at about 1300 m of altitude.

The name of the genus is the combination of the Greek substantives “δένδρον” (dendron) = tree and “βίος” (bios) = life, with reference to the numerous species of the genus living on the trees; the name of the species refers to the place, the province of Khanh Hoa on the south-eastern coast of Vietnam, where it was found.

Common names : ngoc van khanh hoa (Vietnamese).

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Dendrobium khanhoaense is a poorly known epiphyte, native to Vietnam, discovered in 1999. Elegant and unusual flowers of 2 cm of diameter © Giuseppe Mazza

The Dendrobium khanhoaense Aver. (1999) is an epiphytic species with cylindrical pseudobulbs provided with alternate leaves, distichous, linear-lanceolate of dark green colour. Short inflorescences from the upper nodes bearing flowers of 2 cm of diameter of white colour nuanced and tinged of pale brown, very perfumed and long lasting.

The species is reported in the appendix II of the CITES (species whose trade is internationally ruled).


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