Rosa ‘Silver Anniversary’

Family : Rosaceae

Class : Hybrid Tea


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Text and pictures © Giuseppe Mazza



English translation by Ignacio Barrionuevo




‘Silver Anniversary’, also known as ‘Heather’, is a Hybrid Tea born in 1990 in the USA by Jack E. Christensen and commercialized by Jackson & Perkins Co.

Its large flowers, 12 cm in diameter, have an intense scent that reminds of the Damask Rose ( Rosa × damascena ) as usual among the mauve-tinted varieties.

Its flowers carry around 30 petals, sometimes with white streaks, topping a 60 cm stem, thus being a very well adapted variety to serve the industry of the cut flower by being cultivated in nurseries.

It should not be confused with the variety ‘Silver Anniversary’ by Poulsen ( with varietal denomination POUlari ), which is Hybrid Tea with white petals, born around the same years in Denmark.

Variety denomination : JAClav

Parentage :

‘Crystalline’ × ‘Shocking Blue’


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