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Aepyceros melampus

Alcelaphus buselaphus

Ammotragus lervia - Pallas, 1777

Antilope cervicapra - Linnaeus, 1758

Bison bison

Bos gaurus - Smith, 1827

Bos taurus

Bubalus bubalis - Linnaeus, 1758

Capra aegagrus hircus - Linnaeus, 1758

Connochaetes taurinus

Damaliscus dorcas

Damaliscus lunatus

Eudorcas thomsoni

Gazella cuvieri

Gazella dorcas

Gazella granti

Kobus defassa

Kobus ellipsiprymnus

Kobus kob - Erxleben, 1777

Litocranius walleri

Oryx dammah

Oryx gazella beisa

Oryx gazella gazella

Oryx leucoryx

Ourebia ourebi

Ovis aries

Rupicapra rupicapra - Linnaeus, 1758

Syncerus caffer caffer

Tragelaphus strepsiceros

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