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- Rosa hybridization

- Rosa cultivation

- Rosa mutation

Rosa banksiae ‘Lutescens’

Rosa canina

Rosa foetida bicolor

Rosa foetida persiana

Rosa forrestiana

Rosa gallica officinalis

Rosa gigantea

Rosa laevigata

Rosa longicuspis

Rosa rugosa alba

Rosa Thérèse Bugnet

Rosa ‘A Capella’

Rosa ‘Abbaye de Cluny’

Rosa ‘Abbe Lemire’

Rosa ‘Abraham Darby’

Rosa ‘Alain’

Rosa ‘Alcantara’

Rosa ‘Alexander’

Rosa ‘Allegro’

Rosa ‘Alpha’

Rosa ‘Alphonse Daudet’

Rosa ‘Amatsu-Otome’

Rosa ‘Amber Queen’

Rosa ‘André le Nôtre’

Rosa ‘Anita Pereire’

Rosa ‘Anna Ford’

Rosa ‘Anne Harkness’

Rosa ‘Apache’

Rosa ‘Archiduc Joseph’

Rosa ‘Arielle Dombasle’

Rosa ‘Avalanche Rose’

Rosa ‘Avec Amour’

Rosa ‘Avocet’

Rosa ‘Banco 86’

Rosa ‘Baron Meillandina’

Rosa ‘Baronne Edmond de Rothschild, Cl.’

Rosa ‘Beauté’

Rosa ‘Belle de Londres’

Rosa ‘Best Impression’

Rosa ‘Bettina, Cl.’

Rosa ‘Beverly’

Rosa ‘Bijou d’Or’

Rosa ‘Black Baccara’

Rosa ‘Blanc Double de Coubert’

Rosa ‘Blanche Cascade’

Rosa ‘Blue Eden’

Rosa ‘Blue Moon, Cl.’

Rosa ‘Bora Bora’

Rosa ‘Bordure Rose’

Rosa ‘Bordure Vive’

Rosa ‘Bougainville’

Rosa ‘Bourbon Queen’

Rosa ‘Brigitte Bardot’

Rosa ‘Broceliande’

Rosa ‘Buff Beauty’

Rosa ‘Buffalo Bill’

Rosa ‘Campanile’

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