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Restrepia antennifera

Rhyncholaelia glauca

Rhynchostele ’Violetta Holm’

Rhynchostele bictoniensis

Rhynchostele cordata

Rhynchostylis coelestis

Rhynchostylis gigantea

Robiquetia bicruris

Rossioglossum ampliatum

Rossioglossum insleayi

Scaphosepalum ovulare

Sedirea japonica

Serapias vomeracea

Sobralia macrophylla

Sobralia xantholeuca

Spathoglottis kimballiana

Stanhopea oculata

Trias picta

Trichocentrum splendidum

Trichoglottis bipunctata

Trichoglottis guibertii

Trichoglottis lowderiana

Trichoglottis pusilla

Trigonidium egertonianum

Vanda aurea

Vanda coerulea

Vanda cristata

Vanda curvifolia

Vanda dearei

Vanda denisoniana

Vanda foetida

Vanda helvola

Vanda Hybr.

Vanda lamellata

Vuylstekeara Cambria ’Plush’

Wilsonara Stirling Tiger

Zygopetalum crinitum

Zygopetalum Hybr.

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